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Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Posted on: 2nd November, 2018

We all love taking shortcuts! Here are some Windows 10 keyboard tips & tricks.

The key (excuse the pun) to using keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10 is the key with the Windows logo. It should be to the bottom left of your keyboard.

Windows Logo Key

In this list of useful keyboard shortcuts it is referred to as “Win-Key”.

So, the shortcut combination to lock your computer is “Win-Key + L”. You press the Win-Key, hold it down and press the “L” key at the same time. (Only do this if you know the Windows password to the computer you’re working on as it may require the password to unlock the screen!)

Here’s some other useful keyboard shortcuts, (most of which work in other versions of Windows as well as Windows 10):

“Win-Key” – show the Start Menu (Press it again to go back)

“Win-Key + Tab” – show the task view of all open windows

“Win-Key + I” – opens the Windows Settings

“Win-Key + +” (i.e. the Win-Key and the + key) – opens the “Windows Magnifier screen to zoom in or out

“Win-Key + -” – zoom out

“Win-Key + Arrow Key” (i.e. one of the arrow keys. Choose from up, down, left, right) – Positions the windows in various parts of the screen

“Win-Key + D” – shows the desktop (Useful when you have multiple windows open)

“Win-Key + E” – opens Windows File Explorer

“Win-Key + Space Bar” – switch between languages (if you have more than one language installed)

“Win-Key + Shift Key + Left or Right” – moves the current window to the left or right monitor in a multi-monitor set-up

“Win-Key + 1” (or 2 or 3 etc) – opens programmes that are pinned to the Task Bar in the order they are shown on the Task Bar

“Win-Key + R” – opens a Run Command window

“Win-Key + P” – opens the screen projector options

“Alt-Key + TAB” – scroll through open windows to choose one

“Alt-Key + F4” – close current window.

If you have some spare time try running through the whole keyboard to see what else happens! Generally, if you press the same combination again it will undo whatever you’ve just done, (unless you’ve closed down a programme or the computer!).

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