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We have re-branded as “Northumberland Computer Support”

Posted on: 26th September, 2019

Northumberland Computer Support

Having set up the company “Curlew Computers” almost a year ago now, I have decided that the name just didn’t do what it said on the tin.

That name was chosen because the Curlew is an iconic bird of Northumberland and I wanted a nice, friendly name for the nice, friendly computer support that we offer.

But, Google doesn’t seem to recognise the association and so it was decided to choose a much more descriptive name for the company. Added to that was the fact that the Domain Name was available, and the decision was made!

The Domain Name that your business chooses, (along with a professional looking email address), can be a critical part of your branding.

Our company name and Domain Name now reflect exactly what we do and we have seen a subsequent boost to our ranking in Google.

If you need any Computer Support in Northumberland your first point of call should always be “Northumberland Computer Support”!

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