Curlew Computers Northumberland - Monthly Support Contracts

Monthly Support Contracts
If you run a business you will understand the importance of keeping your business tools regularly serviced, so that they run at their best efficiency. This saves you money in the long term and makes your business more productive.

Just as you do with your car or other machinery that you may use, regular and routine servicing of computers helps to make them faster and extends their life.

With a Monthly Support Contract from Northumberland Computer Support I will check your main computers every month to ensure that they do run at peak efficiency. This enables us to nip any potential problems in the bud, before they become too serious to fix.

I can remotely access your computers as and when required, to fix those niggly little problems that can so annoy users. But the main focus is on preventative maintenance to reduce sudden downtime.

Many IT Support companies operate a “break-fix” model. When your computer breaks, they come along to fix it. This leaves you at their mercy and in a panic situation every time a fault happens. It is surely far better to service your computer systems regularly, to avoid sudden downtime?

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