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Should I buy a Laptop or Desktop Computer?

Posted on: 28th June, 2019

A question that I am often asked is, “Should my next computer be a Laptop or a Desktop?”

If we assume that the specifications and prices of the 2 PCs are roughly the same, then the answer, on the face of it, would seem to be one of aesthetics. Do you prefer the simplicity and fewer cables of a laptop? Or does the option of a larger screen with a desktop PC appeal to you?

Laptop Computer

Of course, if you need to carry your computer around with you, then a laptop is the obvious, and possibly only, choice.

You could choose the best of both worlds, by buying a laptop and using it with an external screen, mouse and keyboard when it is not mobile

But if you always work at the same desk then is there a great difference? The answer is, yes of course there is, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing a blog about it!

If we consider a Laptop and Desktop of the same specifications, i.e. the same processor, same memory, same hard drive, from the same manufacturer, it is hard to see why there are any differences.

But there are pros and cons to both options. The 2 computers, which are of exactly the same spec, will work differently. The biggest bugbear of computer manufacturers is the heat generated by a hard working processor.

A desktop computer has a large empty space in the tower, and one, two or more fans to keep things very cool. A laptop is designed to be as small and as light as possible, so there is very limited room for ventilation or cooling air.

This issue means that laptops will, by design, run more slowly than the equivalent desktop computer. This helps to keep them cool.

If you look at a laptop you generally find the ventilation holes on the bottom. (This is why you should never use your laptop on your lap, or on a duvet.) If you block the vents, or as they become clogged with dust over time, then the laptop will run very warm and it will automatically slow down, or even stop, to protect itself. Desktop computers suffer much less from this problem.

Also, due to the inevitable, albeit occasional, over-heating, a Laptop will usually have a shorter life than a Desktop PC.

So, should you buy a Desktop or a Laptop?

I ask my clients if they ever have good reasons why the computer must move around. If they run a business which involves taking a computer out and about with them most days, then they need a laptop. (Or could they use a tablet when out visiting and a desktop PC at the office?)

But if the PC never moves from one desk then a Desktop computer is the answer every time.

The option that you choose is not necessarily simple. But call me, tell me what it is that you use a computer for, and I’ll advise as to which one I would go for. Such advice is free, so call now!

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