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Read All About IT! Sept 2020

Posted on: 9th September, 2020

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Covid & Computers

The past few weeks have been fairly quiet in respect of PC Support, with Covid having such an impact and with some restrictions still in place. Many businesses are wary of “unnecessary” expenditure, of course, and most have sent their staff home, either to work from there or on furlough.

But, as we come out of the more restrictive Lock-Down period, are you beginning to consider how to make your computer systems work as efficiently as possible, whether that is at home or in the office?

Does my slow computer have a virus?

Do you need advice on how best to set up an environment which may allow some home working and some office working? That’s where I come in. Telephone advice sessions are free, so just pick up the phone and ask me to suggest how your business can work as efficiently as possible under a new regime.

Computer Support can, mostly, be carried out remotely so I can still offer help to clients without having to travel to their offices or homes. To assist with that I have invested in ways to carry out Remote Support more efficiently. So, your next computer fix is just a phone call away!

Call 01670 432 324 or complete the Contact Form at

Slow Computer?

One problem that has kept me busy for the past few weeks is that old devil “my computer is very slow”, with a few calls for help in this regard.

Asking “why does a computer run slowly” is like wondering why we all slow down as we get older. It’s a natural progression, but we can combat the worst effects with a better diet and more exercise. However, that doesn’t work for computers, does it?

There are many and varied reasons why a computer runs ever more slowly, but ask for a free check-up and I’ll explain what the causes may be on your own computer. At a basic level the problem can usually be narrowed down to one of these 4:

Why is my computer so slow?

1. The main hard drive is too full. Windows needs about 10% of free space on the hard drive to run efficiently. But it doesn’t flag up an obvious warning if you are short of space. It may even simply stop altogether, refusing to boot to allow you to delete some data to recover from the problem. This is easily fixed.

2. You have a virus which is affecting operations. This can be true even if you have a working anti-virus programme which may not catch 100% of bad software. This is easily fixed.

3. Windows is becoming corrupted, generally due to too many patches on top of patches. The answer in this case is always a rebuild of Windows – which is generally recommended every 2-3 years as a way of getting a computer to run so much more smoothly. This is easily fixed.

4. How do I put this politely? You bought a cheap computer! The motherboard in a computer is the main component – just a large printed circuit board with thousands of soldered connections. The cheaper computers have less well made motherboards, which fail to work so efficiently after some time. This is not so easily fixed! Think of a computer as costing £120 a year. A cheap, £350 “Manager’s Special”, may last 3 years, whereas the higher spec PCs that we supply, at £600, can be expected to last 5 years or more.

I’m always happy to offer advice on how to get a computer running more efficiently; which reduces your stress and gives you more time in the garden! Just call and ask the question.

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