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Read All About IT! – Dec 2019

Posted on: 9th December, 2019

The latest edition of our Newsletter – Read All About IT! – has been published. You can read it here.

Welcome to Read All About IT!

Welcome to Read All About IT!, the newsletter from Northumberland Computer Support.

This informative bulletin will be published monthly, (or less), with the aim of keeping you up to date with the world of computers.

You can, of course, unsubscribe at any time that you wish, but I hope that you enjoy reading it, and that you forward a copy to your friends.

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What do you want for Xmas?

Yes, it’s that time of year again! So what do you want for Christmas? 

Almost certainly not a computer virus! So why do so many people send them to you? Because there is still big money to be made from infecting your computer, of course.

Most viruses nowadays come in an email. If you see an email which appears to come from someone that you know, don’t simply trust it. It is very easy to “spoof” the sending address of an email.

And, of course, at Christmas time, many emails will seem to have been sent from online shopping sites, courier companies, etc. You’re expecting that parcel to be delivered, so when you see an email suggesting a problem with the order or the courier, it’s very natural to click the link. And bingo, you’re infected.

Quite often you will receive emails which are just a link to a website. These are almost invariably viruses. If a friend has sent you a link to a funny website, even an unfunny website, they would usually add a message to explain what the site is about. 

If you are at all worried then call us, for free advice on whether or not it is likely to be a virus infected email.

Our Domain Hosting, for websites and emails, includes Spam Filtering which can block many such emails from reaching you in the first place. And we supply Webroot anti-virus for that additional peace of mind.

Computer virus or malware

I’m pretty sure that we all want the same thing in the New Year. Peace on Earth and an end to politicians squabbling about Brexit!

What about an upgrade to your old computer? On 14th January support for good old Windows 7 will be discontinued by Microsoft. Don’t panic! Nothing will suddenly happen to your old computer. But, your main worry is that it is still an old computer, of course.

Good computers are designed to last about 5 years. After that they become much less efficient, mostly due to inbuilt obsolescence and degradation of the components. It makes barely any difference how much, or how little, your computer is used.

Call us for free advice on whether you could realistically upgrade your old computer to Windows 10, or if you would be much better off investing in a spanking new machine.

If you are determined to stick with Windows 7 it is quite probable that a simple rebuild of the PC will work wonders and give it a whole new lease of life.

They don’t make them like that anymore!

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