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Open wide! Computers and dentists…

Posted on: 4th June, 2019

I had to visit the dentists last Monday. I had the first appointment of the day, but she was running 20 minutes late. She apologised for the wait and told me that her computer takes forever to switch on at the start of the week. They leave it on all week, until Friday evening, then start it up again on a Monday morning, when it usually takes 20 minutes to boot.

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But on this day it had taken 40 minutes and she can’t see patients until the computer shows whatever procedures were carried out last time, and it records what has been done this time

The delay and the frustration of fighting a recalcitrant computer meant that she was stressed. And who wants a stressed out dentist?

So I spotted an opportunity and asked if I could resolve the computer’s problems. No, she said, as the company has an in-house IT Team, who won’t let anyone else touch the computers. Fair enough, so I suggested that they would have to look at the issue next time they were on site. But they don’t visit site, she told me, they do everything remotely. She’s been at that practice for 2 years and she’s yet to meet an IT Techie.

And there’s the problem, How can you fix a start-up problem if you’re unable to access the computer until it is started up? And why do they think a computer that takes so long to boot up is acceptable to the business?

I support businesses in Northumberland who have anywhere from 1 to 25 PCs, such as my own dentist’s practice. But none of my clients would put up with a problematic computer taking between 20 and 40 minutes to boot up!

The cost to the business in staff time alone, not to mention customers getting annoyed at late running appointments, is way more than the cost of the fix. Or even than the cost of a new computer!

I advise businesses on the most cost-effective way to run their computers, ensuring that they run as efficiently as possible within cost restraints.

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