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Office App for your phone

Posted on: 3rd March, 2020

Office App for Android & iPhone

In a nod to the numbers of people now using mobile phones for every day tasks, with increasing frequency, Microsoft recently released a new Office App, designed with phones in mind.

It will work on a tablet, but the app is optimised for phone use, so the visible screen is small on an iPad or similar tablet. The regular Office 365 app is better for tablets, but Microsoft do say they are working on a better version for tablets.

On a phone it is great! You do need a Microsoft account to make the most of it as any document stored in your Microsoft OneDrive account can be opened on the phone. But, it is available for free, whether or not you have a Microsoft account.

It currently supports Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and documents can be opened from Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Apple’s iCloud, DropBox, other Cloud Storage or the phone itself. If you edit a file it can then be saved back to any of those places, (although phones are not designed with huge storage capabilities, of course.)

More information, and the download link, is available in the official Microsoft announcement here –