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Locked Down? What to do?

Posted on: 19th March, 2020

Covid-19 Coronavirus lockdown

So Corona-virus has put your business into lock down and all the staff have sent themselves home to self-isolate & look after the kids work. What to do? It’s pretty pointless popping out to the shops as the shelves are all bare!

This is the time to ensure that your business will be in the best position possible to get off your marks and go, just as soon as we’re all up and running again.

If the staff are working from home, then why not get the office PCs, Servers, etc all serviced?

Computers are very similar to cars; both essentially being tin boxes with Windows.

Also, they are both vital business tools which are used every day. You don’t need to know how they work, and you hope neither of them suddenly crashes.

But, most importantly, regular servicing reduces breakdowns of both. The reasons behind servicing a computer are very similar to why you service your car. It saves you money in the long term.

Regular servicing is key…

Computer servicing

You have your car serviced regularly in order to avoid unforeseen breakdowns and problems, so why not do the same with your computers? This will reduce downtime, user frustration and, most significantly, costs.

We tend to buy the most expensive car that we can afford, but the cheapest computer that we can get away with. And yet we use our computers much more than our cars, they are even more vital to your business, and the alternatives in the event of a breakdown are limited.

If your car breaks down you could walk, catch a bus, grab a cab, hire a car, get a lift, etc. If your computer breaks down, it’s as if your right arm has been lost!

More efficient computers last longer and work better, saving your employees valuable time – as well as creating less frustration in the workplace.

Invest money to save money…

By investing in your computer systems, you will have a much better functioning workplace; allowing you to realise real savings through the additional efficiency and reduced stress.

This does not simply mean replacing all of your computers for new ones. This, in itself, is disruptive and can be annoying to staff who lose all of their own customisations. The capital cost can be considerable, and the “hidden” savings may not be worthwhile

Northumberland Computer Support believes that businesses can save money by keeping their existing computers for longer, simply by having them serviced regularly.

Servicing includes ensuring systems are secure by adding Microsoft patches, which also aids their efficiency. Checking and tweaking anti-virus and anti-spam systems to provide the best possible protection; and ironing out small glitches that users have become used to living with, thus saving staff time.

During the servicing of computers ‘Event Logs’ are scrutinised. It is these logs that often highlight issues before they become serious and allows proactive maintenance, before the sudden crash which is often the first sign of computer trouble. It is that sudden downtime which we are trying to avoid, as it adds to the costs of running your company.

Such servicing only takes a few minutes per month for each computer but can extend their useful life considerably.

Free, no-obligation audit of your computers…

Call us and ask about having a free, no-obligation audit of your existing computer systems, with a written report. This highlights the good as well as the not so good points of your current computer systems; and what you could cost-effectively do to improve things.

Do it now, with minimal disruption to the staff.

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