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How secure is your password?

Posted on: 29th March, 2018

Strong, difficult to guess, easy to remember passwords

We all seem to have too many passwords, (making them hard to remember), or too few, (making them more vulnerable). So, what’s the answer when every website says we should have a different password, but we can’t remember hundreds of them?

Adding to the problem is the desire to use “complex” passwords of at least 8 characters. A complex password is built up with at least 3 of the 4 elements of CAPITAL letters, lower-case letters, numb3rs and pun&tuat!on marks – such as pa55W0RD!

But, how can you easily create dozens, even hundreds, of such passwords, that are easy to remember, but not easy to guess?

Here’s our solution.

Choose a word which will become the base for all of your passwords. Any word that will break down to 4 or more consonants once the vowels are removed, (such as “password” which breaks down to psswrd).

Use any 4 of those letters and capitalise them – PSWD. This looks like a random collection of letters which would be hard to guess.

Add any two numbers, to get something like 2PSWD7, and this becomes the base of all your passwords.

Then simply add two lower case letters to the end of that base, using those two letters to designate the website the password is designed for, as in these examples:

BBC – 2PSWD7bb

Northumberland Computer Support – 2PSWD7no

Amazon – 2PSWD7am

You’ll find that you are very easily and quickly able to remember 2PSWD7, (or whatever your own choice happens to be). Then you simply add the first 2 letters of the website you’re logging in to.

This method quickly, easily and memorably allows you to create unique passwords for every website that requires them.

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