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Have you been contacted by “Find My Business”

Posted on: 5th September, 2018

A client of ours has reported being cold-called by a company that offered to improve the Google search engine ranking for her website.

They managed to persuade her that she’d signed up to their services a couple of years ago and now just needed to renew the contract.

She didn’t recall signing up, but they offered to prove it by letting her know that her credit card number started with a 4. Of course it does. All Visa cards start with a 4!

She was wary enough to ask them to tell her the last digit of her card, but they claimed that Data Protection prevented this.

So persuasive were they that she did indeed sign up and paid £199.00. Only then did she call me to ask for my opinion. We look after her website and all updates, including Google search engine ranking and we know that no-one else has ever had access, nor has it ever been requested.

The company that contacted her claimed that they had a 48 hour “cooling off” period, so she has requested, and has been promised, a full refund. Her bank has also told her that they will refund the payment if this dodgy company don’t do so.

She’s angry with herself for falling for such a simple scam, but so much more wary of cold callers now.

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