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Do you have a Domain?

Posted on: 5th May, 2019

Domain Hosting in Northumberland

If you already have a Domain Name for your website, such as, did you know that shorter Domain Names are available, using only .uk, instead of

We already use the .uk equivalent. So, if you click the link for you will see in the browser’s address bar that you’ve been redirected to

Why does this make a difference? The shorter your Domain Name the easier it is to enter into a browser. Also, rather than getting bogged down with, or, or, etc etc, the one .uk Domain Name will be simpler.

Not to mention that your competition may wish to register a Domain Name which is very similar to yours, in the hope of pinching your customers! To avoid this you should ensure that you have control of the Domain Name.

If you registered your Domain before 28th Oct 2013 then you have “Reserved Rights” to the .uk equivalent. You can check whether or not you have such rights here –

If you do have Reserved Rights then you need to act before 25th June 2019 to register the equivalent .uk Domain Name. To do this you should contact your existing Registrar (the people who control your Domain Name for you).

After 1st July 2019 anyone can register a .uk Domain which is available, whether or not the equivalent is already registered.

If you want to get in touch we’ll offer you advice, for free, on your best options.

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