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Customer Service & Computers? An update.

Posted on: 15th September, 2020

Following on from my last blog post, I was called out by a client who said his HP laptop had died, “following a Windows Update”.

He had been on the phone to HP Support for many hours and they had him run some tests etc, but all they could tell him was that the “BIOS” was OK. (The BIOS is the operating system that the computer uses to get itself ready before passing over to Windows.)

They then sent him a USB Recovery stick so that he could reinstall his laptop.

To be fair to HP, the laptop was out of warranty and I don’t know if they charged him for the Recovery USB. But, it took me 2 minutes to realise that the hard drive was dead. That’s not been caused by a Windows Update, it’s faulty hardware and the HP Support team really should have told him that.

Attempting to run the computer from the USB Recovery stick brings up a message, “No HDD”, (No Hard Disk Drive.) Indeed the information displayed by the BIOS would normally include the type of Hard Drive present. How did they miss that?

Customer Service

However, as he’d bought the laptop from John Lewis he then called them. They also pointed out that the warranty expired some months ago, but they did offer to get the laptop repaired for him.

Then they warned him that this would be very time-consuming, as it would take at least 3 weeks, and be quite costly.

So they Googled “Computer Support NE65”, accessed my website and gave the client my phone number, telling him to get in touch with me.

That’s the sort of customer service we want from retailers!

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