Curlew Computers Northumberland - Secure Online Data Backup

Secure, online, data backup.
Whenever you use a computer you should ensure that it is being backed up. This is because the most recent work that you have done on the computer is very likely to be the most important work that you have done.

How would you feel if all of that hard work were to be lost suddenly, just because a backup hadn’t been done?

Computers fail every day, no matter how new they may be. I have seen 1 day old computers with totally dead Hard Drives, making the data impossible to recover.

Online Backup protects your data, away from the computer and away from your office. This protects against the three terrors of computing – fire, flood and theft.

It also protects against viruses, such as the newer “ransomware” attacks. These may attack the data on the computer, but they can’t reach the data backed up in the cloud.

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